There is something about giving everything to your profession. In Italian, an obsession is not necessarily negative.

It 's the art of putting all your energy into one thing;
it's the art of transforming even what you eat for lunch into architecture.

Chimetal example of an architectural metalwork


At ease with all scales of the built environment, Chimetal has realised iconic elements of architectural projects from artist Anthony Gormley’s studio, to multi-level stairs and façades in the luxury retail sector.
Polished inox, curved glass, leather and stone were the principal materials used in a semi-artisanal client stair realised for the maison Louis Vuitton and Peter Marino in Spazio Rome Etoile.
Façades are realized in either Schuco aluminium systems or customs profiles in burnished brass, nickel silver, steel or iron.

Chimetal example of an interior metalwork


Value and technical engineering challenging elements is Chimetal’s forté in luxury retail, high-end residential, yachting and hotel interiors. Mirror polished stainless steel, galvanized light gold steel, bronze, brass, anodised and burnished aluminiums, waxed irons and brasses, hammered inox, orbital brushed nickel silver, hairbrushed waxed iron : a brand identifying signature material for every client.

Chimetal example of an interior metalwork


One-off and/or roll out pieces, balancing commercial and artistic demands, furniture engineering and production has been core to Chimetal’s business since the founding days commencing with the Prada group, now over 35 years ago.
A recently acquired V-cutting machine allows sharp angles and precision work to be controlled entirely inhouse in all sheet metals : steel, iron, nickel silver, brass, and aluminium.
Infinite galvanized finishes, varnishes and textures bring added value alternatives and endless design possibilities to Chimetal’s pieces.

Chimetal example of an interior metalwork


Quality and superior attention to detail is expressed at the smallest scale: visual merchandising props, objects for home and instore : handles, drawers, trays, plaques, lamps. Chimetal masters not only metallic elements, but in collaboration with other local artisans, can deliver also leatherwork, fabric, timber and stone detailing.

An installation built by Chimetal in Milan during the designweek

Artworks and Installations

Competent in accompanying artists and realising dreams, Chimetal have enjoyed the challenge of several artistic commissions, whilst successfully harnessing challenging budgets and timeframes, for example consecutive years of different projects for the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

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